Joy and pain. Sorrow and smiles. It all just collides like a big messy storm. They used to run separately and we could clearly define the difference between the two. Now they're a simultaneous emotion that can't be untangled. We can't feel joy without sorrow. Yet, we can't feel sorrow without being reminded of overflowing... Continue Reading →


The first anniversary: on Holding Tightly to Each Other and to HOPE in the Depths of Sorrow…

We made it through.... only by the grace and strength of God, by the lifeline of the prayers of many, we made it through the most brutal weeks of our lives.  As a family we carried each other forward, while letting God carry all our broken hearts.... while always carrying  our baby.... limping forward together,... Continue Reading →

living in Saturday…..

I feel like we live in a forever Saturday.... The space between Dark Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Wailing at the grave, shaking my fist at heaven, aching to hold my baby....cursing death, Satan and this broken world....waiting...waiting for the promise, the rescue, the Reunion....the coming down of HEAVEN. Waiting for All Things New.  Groaning...and... Continue Reading →

My Night Song

I am exhausted from crying for help;     my throat is parched. My eyes are swollen with weeping,     waiting for my God to help me. Psalm 69:3   I hate that it will be one year soon.   The night closes in like never before. The depths of darkness threaten to swallow us whole this week. The... Continue Reading →

Ten months.

10 months. 10 months is too long to go without your cuddles and kisses. Every day the ache is wider and the pain is heavier and the sorrow is deeper. Yet every day the HOPE grows too. Every day is a day closer to holding you again. Gianna Lilyfaith, it's been 10 months of "broken"... Continue Reading →

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