200 hearts for HOPE fundraiser

In honor of CHD awareness month and to help us bring home our son from China, we are holding a 200 hearts Fundraiser!
10% of proceeds raised from this fundraiser will go towards Little Hearts Medical. LHM is an organization that is near and dear to our hearts since we have two heart kiddies from China. Early intervention is SO vital to saving these children’s lives and allowing them a greater chance to be candidates for future life-saving surgeries! Little Hearts Medical provides free cardiac care to orphans and impoverished children in China. Together with their Partners, Little Hearts Medical teams offer surgical and interventional heart cath- care for some of China’s neediest children.
Would you please sponsor a heart and help us bring HOPE to not only Hudson but many other waiting children in China who have heart defects!
Its VERY EASY! The GOAL is to get EVERY heart filled!!!! heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
“Together we can make a difference!”
1) just pick a heart to choose how much you would be willing to donate, you donate the amount on your heart (or more if you desire)! You can use our paypal (cannelongofamily@yahoo.com) as away to send your gift! **PLEASE CHOOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY payment option so Paypal does not take a cut!!**
or you may send us a check, just message or email me for our address!
2) please comment under the latest HUDSON HEART pic which heart you are sponsoring and I will do my best to keep the heart pic updated with which hearts are left!
3) and PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE https://www.facebook.com/200heartsforHOPE/to help fill ALL the hearts and bring HUDSON home and also bring HOPE to many other children through our 10% donation to Little Hearts Medical!
**PLEASE SHARE this public page!! Lets fill many hearts for HOPE and bring our boy home!
Here is our page to share and DONATE and to see which hearts are available to sponsor!~

You can also email me to claim a heart of HOPE and use our paypal to send your gift!! No gift is too small, we are so grateful!
And for FUN, if we get all squares filled we will submit each heart donated into an auction for a new IPAD mini!


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