prayer request and PRAISE!!!

Prayer request and HEART praise!!!!!

Prayer request :

Ok, we are on day 50 of our LOA wait, if we don’t get it today or tomorrow then there will be a long delay because the whole Chinese Government shuts down for many many days for Chinese New Year. So we are on our knees praying for LOA this week. (LETTER OF APPROVAL). Pray w us, God is able!


yesterday we had two amazing sponsors for our Hearts of HOPE! (#40 and #100) claimed with hope and love for Hudson and many other warriors waiting with CHD! THANK YOU 

Praying for many more hearts to be filled today! Will you pray about filling a heart? We will be traveling in April for our son, God willing! Can’t wait to hug and kiss those cheeks! 

**Update: #30 just lovingly sponsored, so thankful!

Since 10% of our 200 hearts of HOPE fundraiser goes towards a precious organization Little Hearts Medical, I wanted to share a little more about this ministry that is making a HUGE difference for many waiting children in China with Congenital Heart disease. 

“Little Hearts Medical is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to improve the lives of children in China born with congenital heart disease. LHM’s teams of Pediatric Cardiologists and Surgeons provide education and training to partner hospitals in Beijing, and the organization works with the China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption to increase CHD awareness and cardiac care training within China’s orphanages. The organization also provides cardiac file assessments at no charge to orphanages, adoption agencies, and prospective adoptive parents, also 

LHM provides free cardiac care to orphans and impoverished children in China. Together with their Partners, Little Hearts Medical teams offer surgical and interventional heart cath care for some of China’s neediest children” .This ministry is making a difference and we are praying all our hearts of HOPE get filled so our donation to them will be quite sizeable!!! 
visit their website here to learn more!


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