Morning Glory

this verse……

(One month ponderings)….Gianna has been home for a whole month …after an 8 week battle, and a brush with death, and experiencing miracles ….we celebrate one month now with no crisis…..
.honestly, we feel often like we walk on eggshells…or a ticking time bomb is in our midst. …it’s a daily struggle to surrender fears and face the light. …the glorious light that we don’t take for granted. 
This verse…my “morning glory verse” I clung to during the darkest of days…..a verse God gave me before the storms were brewing, when just a hint of clouds were on the horizon. …because HE KNOWS.
He controls the setting and rising of the sun. He is Sovereign over both. 

We’ve felt “night”, we’ve felt “light”….both leave us in shock and awe..

Thank you Jesus for today…. the glory of the morning, YOUR glory…..your light displayed for all to see…a season I wish I could live in forever because it’s so much better than the “night”….but then how would we know the light is sooooooooooo good, without having walked through the darkest dark.
And I weep …i weep for those we love who have lost, who have to endure what feels like eternal dark…..
It’s all so incomprehensible.
Only HE KNOWS. only he can restore eternal light to all one day….

We know NOT what “seasons” are ahead, we sometimes shake our fist at the unknown future and fear what’s not under our control …. but we choose to daily surrender and rest in the ONE who is our rear guard” and who controls the rising and setting of the sun. 

We thank Him for the gift of this morning glory “right now” and do not take it for granted….not one ray of light is left un-praised….
He is to be praised. …His majesty overwhelms me. One day, the darkness will be completely erased forever. …light will flood eternity. …restoration will come…. 

He is victorious. 

Be still and know…..


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