Hudson ir ours FOREVER!!! Precious treasure!

…..our son walking Into his “forever.” A miraculous moment. 
I’m a tearful mess knowing he’s OURS. 
He was very sad at first 😢 then he got distracted by his backpack with toys they brought him, the boys gave him some gadgets and he was soothed by daddy 😍😍.
They called us when they were in the van! His voice is so sweet!
I’m in love.
He’s calling daddy “baba!”

..we have a new baby boy!!!!! 💙💙💙💙
We’ve been video chatting with Hudson (Cheng-Cheng) and catching up on how gotcha day went. He came walking in with his pink backpack that he keeps close by.
He cried hard initially frown emoticon but our guys are surely earning his smiles and trust!! And the smiles and giggles are now flowing. Good job boys!!! Answered prayers. 
He loves cars and gadgets and food! Bless him!!!!! He adores pop-pop too and wanted him to sit close at civil affairs office …so cute!
Ahhhhh, we’re all just so smitten and in love.😍😍😍😍😍
He’s already called me “mama” on video chat!!!.I’m a puddle of happy tears. We are so blessed.

THANK YOU JESUS for our new son, an orphan NO MORE….precious and dearly loved forever!


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