Ten months.

10 months.

10 months is too long to go without your cuddles and kisses.

Every day the ache is wider and the pain is heavier and the sorrow is deeper.

Yet every day the HOPE grows too.

Every day is a day closer to holding you again.

Gianna Lilyfaith, it’s been 10 months of “broken” for us.

10 months of lamenting to our Jesus.

10 months of an empty hole.

10 months since we had to tearfully kiss you goodbye and all our hearts tragically crushed together in a storm of devastation, yet yours ….your broken heart miraculously became whole and perfect.

And now living with the understanding of your joy and smiles and delight in heaven 🦋 is what helps us to keep smiling and miraculously growing down here. Having the blessing to love you changes us forever.

You give us the gift of seeing beyond earth and straight into heaven’s Glory!

We will always GROW in your honor because we have the gift of being yours, seeing Jesus in you and seeing all the miracles of your life. We want Our lives to always reflect the beauty of your presence, your Jesus and your forever sparkle.

We know you’re always with us and we will not ever “move on without you”….we will always move “with you” in a different way, in a way that keeps you close to our hearts until that glorious heaven reunion when all our hearts become mended back together and perfectly whole.

And while we wait, Our broken hearts overflow with gratefulness and ache as we learn to live in the parallels of pain and joy co-existing together.

We know beauty grows around our deep loss because of your deep gain.

You forever make us “more”.

More joy-chasing, More heaven-living. More hope-giving. More beauty from brokenness. More authenticity. More tears. More ache. More empathy. More compassion. More clinging to His promises. More brave. More facing our fears. More watching for heaven’s love notes….

More eternal over temporary.

More LOVE and MORE LIFE always.

May our broken and stretching and open hearts always reflect your joy and Jesus’ glorious overflowing light.

We love and miss you forever and ever and ever and ever.

Keep dancing and shining your light all around us!

Our eyes are learning to see the UNSEEN! #livegiagrowforever

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