Into the Light! (Miracles of Life part 3)

We have a very special Tshirt fundraiser to help our family bring home our newest treasure who is waiting for us in China.

….introducing our new Miracle of LIFE!

family pic fam of 10

Look closely, You can see the Gia rainbow flare…. Gianna is so excited to be a big sissy, always reflecting Gods glorious bold LIGHT even from heaven !

Our Beautiful Gianna Lilyfaith, a brave big sister…..

NEVER replaced, never left behind, NEVER forgotten….Always honored and cherished!

This is Beauty from Beauty

LIGHT of new life….born from the forever LIGHT and brave heartbeat of her life…

 She is with us, ALWAYS carried with us as we walk forward (even with broken hearts) forward with our Gia, to face the coming sunrise….

forward into His marvelous LIGHT.

daddy gia

 Our special T-shirt design has been a labor of love and tells a sacred story of the power of light over darkness.  

Though we are experiencing the greatest darkness of our lives, it is in the blackest of nights that we have learned that ….

“even the darkness is as LIGHT to Him.”  






gianna hammock


When our greatest fear became our slaying reality by losing our precious Gianna Lilyfaith on earth, His Truth and goodness and Light are tenderly guiding us through the blinding wilderness when we can’t see with our own frail human eyes. 

 ….When the Darkness has violently taken away our sight, He has literally hunted us down with Mercy and kindness and given us new eyes to see His Illuminated goodness which far exceeds our own understanding.

In our deepest anguish, we have learned the sacred truths that in Him there is nothing to fear, because He has overcome even the grave!!!….and THAT truth. changes. EVERYTHING.


“He is our light and our Salvation.”(psalm 27:1)



Look closely at the design and you can see our Gia-Bia’s brave Beautiful heartbeat helping to light up the darkness.



Our precious Gianna’s forever life will always be a reflection of His LIGHT, of His goodness and of THE HOPE of His unbreakable, UNDENIABLE TRUTH….  

Light wins.

Eternity WINS.


Her brave life teaches us to SEE God’s TRUTH of hope in our darkest season.

The gift of Her brave life has taught us how to keep growing and believing for His Goodness even when we can’t feel it. 

Her life has taught us the courage to fiercely wrestle and fight for HOPE & LIFE… Which doesn’t take the deep ache or pain away… Only heaven can heal that kind of pain.

yet, in our deepest pits, we aggressively take ahold of the things that are Eternal over that which is temporary!

…to give holy purpose to the deepest pain.


gia smiles


Gia-Bia has taught us to unashamedly fight for love and hope and to choose the LIGHT of TRUTH even while walking through our deepest night.

Beauty comes from Beauty…..

The goodness of new Life born from the forever legacy of the bravest of lights.

You can read our journey here…. part one

and here: part two


The fundraiser store will be open  until March 28th… the anniversary of the day our beloved Gianna began her over 3 week battle for her earthly miracle.

Her brave heart fought for 26  sacred holy days.

Gianna ran ahead of us to Heaven On April 22, 2018 at 12am to grab ahold of her GREATEST miracle of all!

Our hearts were slain and broke into a million pieces on the floor….shattered to dust, the very holy minute her beautiful precious heart was perfectly healed and made whole.

This year, Easter Sunday is on the sacred Eve of our Gianna’s one year Heaven Anniversary and we believe this is NO coincidence.

This is HIS grace in our deepest heartache….His BOLD anointed LIGHT shining through our deepest night.

God is shouting HIS TRUTH of REDEMPTION and VICTORY over the GRAVE when we need to hear it most of all. 


This month hurts….. The tears will not stop.  We can hardly catch our breaths.

BUT…..DEATH DOES NOT WIN! Truth shines through our feelings of despair.


***All the shirts will be delivered in time to celebrate Easter, OUR GREATEST GIFT!***

It is our vision to wear Gianna’s brave heartbeat of Light close to our hearts on her sacred Heaven miracle Anniversary.

The day We celebrate the MIRACLE of ETERNITY with her… the LIGHT IN OUR DARKNESS.

ekg gia


Jesus left the grave behind and so does our Gia-Bia!!!!!

She is alive! Her heartbeat echoes the banner of LIGHT!

…and that GIVES US HOPE and truth and LIGHT in our darkness!

We will kiss and embrace and squish our GIANNA again….oh how I crave for that day!

She is Carried in our hearts forever till that glorious reunion!

gia beach reunion with mama



Our Gia’s Beautiful life and the goodness of His LIGHT, and the beautiful promise that We WILL be reunited with her again one day, have boldly led us to our newest daughter who also needs the gift of hope and light in her darkness.



Beauty from Beauty

Life from Life

Light from Light

8 kids


stay tuned for part FOUR coming soon to learn more about our newest tiny miracle, her anointed name, how God miraculously led us to her….  and maybe another adorable photo 😉

We are so thankful for this undeserved gift of LIGHT…this treasure in the darkness. ….This tangible goodness from God that has pursued our broken hearts.

THANK YOU for grabbing ahold of the LIGHT with us!

 God is our STRONGHOLD who never lets us go and Gianna’s miracles go on forever!




you can purchase your shirts here:



**We also have Youth t-shirts

and Adult sweatshirts available….












The shadows have no power!



Please share this blog post and our T-shirt fundraiser link    :


to help bring LIGHT and HOPE to the darkness!

More ways to help:

For those who were asking about A Go Fund Me SITE ... One has been set up click here. 


Also, here is a tax deductible option: click here

thank you so much for  bringing HIS LIGHT to the darkness with us, We are so thankful for our village!


I remain confident of this:
    I will see the goodness of the Lord
    in the land of the living.
   Wait for the Lord;
    be strong and take heart
    and wait for the Lord.

(psalm 27:13,14)


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