His Goodness Pursues Us (Miracles of life part 4)

**Click here to buy a shirt to bring LIGHT!**   Honestly, we struggled with when we would be finally sharing this sacred story. A story that is continually unfolding before our eyes. A story of Sorrow and pain intersecting with Hope and Love and Light. We have held it closely within the secret places of ... Continue Reading →


Into the Light! (Miracles of Life part 3)

We have a very special Tshirt fundraiser to help our family bring home our newest treasure who is waiting for us in China. ....introducing our new Miracle of LIFE! Look closely, You can see the Gia rainbow flare.... Gianna is so excited to be a big sissy, always reflecting Gods glorious bold LIGHT even from... Continue Reading →

Ten months.

10 months. 10 months is too long to go without your cuddles and kisses. Every day the ache is wider and the pain is heavier and the sorrow is deeper. Yet every day the HOPE grows too. Every day is a day closer to holding you again. Gianna Lilyfaith, it's been 10 months of "broken"... Continue Reading →

Honoring our heart warrior FOREVER…

Today is National Wear Red Day for CHD awareness This was one of our special fundraiser t-shirts from when we were bringing our Gianna home 5 years ago with a 1/2 heart. 😢❤️🇨🇳 ...   We miss our beautiful brave heart warrior so very much. 😭 ...we miss fighting for her...we miss her giggles and... Continue Reading →

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