Miracles of LIFE (part 1): Seeing TRUTH in the darkness

We had a few warm days this past week and it was just so  incredibly amazing to get a break from the icy temps and bust outside without winter coats and without shivering our butts off  and just relax on the deck together! It gave us all such a craving for Spring to come SOON........ Continue Reading →


Treasures out in the deep: Miracles of Life (part 2)

One of our favorite family places is the ocean. And....Anytime we ever visited the ocean, my Gianna was a bit reluctant to go too close to the waters of the ocean, even when holding our hands or letting us carry her..... she wanted to stay back on the dry sand where she felt safe and... Continue Reading →

Honoring our heart warrior FOREVER…

Today is National Wear Red Day for CHD awareness This was one of our special fundraiser t-shirts from when we were bringing our Gianna home 5 years ago with a 1/2 heart. 😢❤️🇨🇳 ...   We miss our beautiful brave heart warrior so very much. 😭 ...we miss fighting for her...we miss her giggles and... Continue Reading →

A brave Christmas…..

Merry Christmas in Heaven Gia-Bia. Mama wants you here. It is not okay. But, we are Keeping your brave heartbeat so close to our own heartbeats sweet baby💙🦋 You keep us brave . It's not the same without you here to squeal and jump up and down over your newest dolly or plush lovie💔😢. You... Continue Reading →

Mighty not Merry.

  8 months. That's 243 days since I felt her heart beat against mine. I hate that I can't tangibly feel her beautiful pounding heart muscle anymore with my hands or my chest or my cheek. We all just loved pressing our faces deeply into her brave scars that traced the handiwork of our mighty... Continue Reading →

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