Treasures in the darkness…

I want to thank everyone who prayed for my family especially yesterday. during Thanksgiving... Holidays hurt so deeply...and Gianna's void is so loud 😦  But, Yesterday was a special time with family and I felt God's grace carrying all of us. .... it was hard hard....But God came close within the pain and there... Continue Reading →


A broken Thanksgiving

4 years ago today ....I remember sitting by her hospital bed so carefully making sure each tiny little toe received their share of pink nail polish goodness. As I painted those dainty little toes and glared at her stats on the monitors above, I was somberly reflecting on the miracle of her 1/2 broken heart made... Continue Reading →

Let her LAMENT…..

For those who groan with a grief that is just not translated with human language or comforted with human words or thoughts...this post is for you... For those who fiercely walk close to the broken-hearted and worry and wonder if light will ever come back to them....this post is for you.... For those who bravely... Continue Reading →

The promise in the Broken path ….

He fell prostrate face down to his knees, absolutely broken and poured out. Nothing left to offer but a wrecked spirit of emptiness after weeks of wrestling. Anguished tears and sweat filled his cupped hands that covered his distressed and wrenched face. Weeks of struggling with fear all came down to this very holy moment... Continue Reading →

Joy in the Mourning.

This week marks six months of a journey as a family through deep mourning and suffering that we have never  known before. Yet, these labor-pains of grief have birthed a deep seated Joy that has revealed a GOD who aggressively pursues and cradles our broken hearts in the darkest of seasons. I am not sure... Continue Reading →

HIS second touch…

I often talk about miracles when I talk about my Gianna!  Her life was full and brimming over with many mighty miracles that were not explainable by human explanations.  We got  front row seats to GOD'S incredible power and we held those miracles in our hands.  Oh, how I miss squishing on my beautiful sweet... Continue Reading →

5 months

You are nowhere but you are everywhere..... We have to look for you with new eyes and a new faith that is hard to hold on to most days. We miss you so much our hearts literally hurt.  Our Precious beautiful brave and sassy Gia-Bia. My feet hit the floor each morning with a new... Continue Reading →

4 months.

4 months. 4 months of absolute Earth shattering pain and soul -crushing anguish. It’s a new heartbreak with every new day and with every experience. The season change is especially hard now without our baby. So many tears Gianna should be opening her new school supplies too and gearing up for "first grade" homeschool.  ... Continue Reading →

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