Gianna’s miracle. Her story goes on…..

This was the testimony that I shared at Gianna's celebration of her LIFE.  Gianna's story is my favorite to tell, but not my favorite earthly ending FOR US. But we cling to truth. She lives forever! Our beautiful jewel! “Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God's story never ends with 'ashes.” ― Elisabeth Elliot, These Strange... Continue Reading →


A Grieving Father’s Heart…..

I think it is important to share on Father's Day what a True Father's Heart looks like. It is not often you get to hear this incredible man's heart. It is one in a million. His  heart for his children is a pure reflection of our Heavenly Daddy's relentless love for all of us. His... Continue Reading →

Sucking Lemons

 .....oh the giggles that would explode as we compared our reactions!! "Mommy, it is SO SO delicious and sweet and so wonderful!!!!" (As her eyes lit up with such delight!) "Gianna!!!, no no! its so completely sour and terrible, yuck, ewwwwww!!!" (scrunching my face up  with a look of disgust!)  “NO, is amazing! Trust... Continue Reading →

The Deep Ocean of the “Now…..”

People say to just focus on the moment now. "Grace for the moment. Breathe….breathe." They are right. Kind of…. Well  .....its super freakin’ hard . Flashbacks can hurt deeply but At least she still lives in the flashbacks….flash-forwards hurt more because we have to imagine her not in the future. The pain is so heavy... Continue Reading →

Not really an update…..

We are walking the great unknown a wilderness that makes us feel abandoned at times despite all the head knowledge and verses put before us. We lament.  We scream. We cry. We bang on our Daddy’s chest. There is always someone breaking down in this house.  Nights are very very hard. Gianna had such a... Continue Reading →

airport welcome!!!

THANK YOU FOR PRAYING HIM HOME!!!!!!Hudson's been home 10 days!!!!!I cant believe it!He's truly wonderful.... and it's amazing how beautifully God is just grafting him right in to his new family... I am not good with keeping the blog updated because I use Instagram now to document our family's journey! You can find us @stopforflowers user... Continue Reading →

Hudson ir ours FOREVER!!! Precious treasure!

.....our son walking Into his "forever." A miraculous moment. I'm a tearful mess knowing he's OURS. He was very sad at first 😢 then he got distracted by his backpack with toys they brought him, the boys gave him some gadgets and he was soothed by daddy 😍😍.HE'S SO BRAVE.They called us when they were in the van! His voice... Continue Reading →

Morning Glory

this verse......(One month ponderings)....Gianna has been home for a whole month ...after an 8 week battle, and a brush with death, and experiencing miracles ....we celebrate one month now with no crisis......honestly, we feel often like we walk on eggshells...or a ticking time bomb is in our midst.'s a daily struggle to surrender fears... Continue Reading →

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